About Avery Lane labradoodles

Who we are and what we stand for

Here at Avery Lane Labradoodles we strive to breed the very best quality Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. We take to heart that the reason this breed was produced and is so highly valued is because they were bred to have a service dog mentality. Australian Labradoodles originate in Australia – hence the name. They were created to be the worlds first hypoallergenic service dogs. All of our breeding dogs are fully vetted, tested, and registered with the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) and WALA (World Australian Labradoodle Association).

We are not in the business of breeding “doodles for dollars”. We believe that before someone chooses to become a breeder and bring life into this world, they must first do their due diligence. Breeders are responsible for the life they create. We take the necessary steps and precautions to make sure that healthy puppies are placed in the best possible environments for them to thrive. That is why all of our puppy buyers must sign a contract stating that their dog will be returned to Avery Lane Labradoodles in the event that they can no longer care for them. This ensures that none of our puppies will ever go unaccounted for or end up in a shelter.

The well-being and health of our puppies is our main priority. Our lives really do revolve around them. We take the time to set our puppies up to become good members of society by teaching them what it means to learn. We follow the Puppy Culture method by practicing things such as manding, crate training, potty-training and problem-solving. Additionally, we will touch on things such as recovering quickly from getting startled and how not to resource guard. When the puppy is around 6 to 7 weeks of age we perform the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test and use this information to best assign puppies to their new forever families.


What is manding?

Manding is learning how to properly communicate your wants and needs to others. It is a skill we teach our dogs that allows them to communicate effectively with humans. By teaching our puppies to mand, we are teaching them that they have a voice. However, that voice must be initiated in a calm and productive manner. Avery Lane Labradoodles has chosen the act of sitting calmly and making eye contact as the correct way for a puppy to communicate with humans.

Say a puppy wants you to pick them up or give them attention. The puppy’s instinct is to jump up on you to get your attention to ask for what they want. Jumping up is the correct and appropriate puppy behavior to communicate with other dogs. Jumping up on adult dogs says to them, “I’m small. I won’t hurt you. Please play with me, give me food, or pay attention to me”. However, this is not the way that humans want the puppy to communicate with them. That’s why we teach puppies from the start that jumping up is not how humans communicate. Humans will listen to their wants and needs when they are calm, sit, and make eye contact.

If you choose to let your puppy communicate with you in this manner and then one day correct and stop the puppy from jumping on you, you shut down it’s voice. The puppy no longer has a way to communicate its need to you. This is why we teach manding from the beginning. We do this by ignoring the puppy’s unwanted behavior and wait until they offered a more acceptable method of communicating such as sitting and making eye contact. At that moment we would reward their behavior by picking the puppy up and giving them attention. Eventually the puppy learns that the most effective way to tell a human what they want, is by first sitting and making eye contact.

The skill of manding is extremely helpful. With it, our puppies feel heard and owners can appreciate appropriate behavior from their dogs. 

More About Australian Labradoodles

there is just so much to love

The Australian Labradoodle is not your average doodle. They are truly a step, nay a leap, above! This breed was created in Australia as the “Original Doodle” to have the temperament of a service dog while being allergy and asthma friendly. Registries such as the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) have provided breed standards that regulate what reputable breeders produce. We are proud to say that we screen all of our breeding dogs to the ALAA’s Platinum Paw standard and the WALA’s All Star standard. This helps ensure that you get a high-quality dog with a consistent temperament and amazing qualities. The difference is undeniable!