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What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian families will get a “pick of the litter” male or female puppy that we feel exceeds the Australian Labradoodle breed standards in temperament, conformation, coat quality and color. This puppy is available at a FRACTION of the cost of a regular pet puppy from our program. This dog will not only be your “furever” pet, but it will also play an integral role in the development of this magnificent breed. The responsibilities of breeding males and females differ in the following color coded ways. Avery Lane Labradoodles will retain the breeding rights of female puppies for up to 4 litters. During a breeding heat-cycle, guardian families will need to bring their dog to scheduled appointments at our house or with Avery Lane’s reproductive veterinarian to check her progesterone levels. Once the girl is ready for breeding, there will be one or two “honeymoon” appointments. Once bred, she will stay with her guardian family for the duration of her pregnancy. Up to one week before delivery she will come to our house to settle in before whelping. Once her puppies have been delivered, she will stay at our house and help raise her puppies until they are fully weaned. At this time, she will return to her guardian family. We encourage our guardian families to come for scheduled visits to spend time with their dog and grand puppies throughout the girl’s stay with us. Girls usually start breeding around their second birthday and their breeding career is typically completed by their fourth birthday. Avery Lane will retain the breeding rights of male puppies for up to 7 years. Boys will have much shorter times away from home. In most cases, the breeding related appointments require the boy to be away for only a few hours at a time. Boys can begin their breeding career at the end of their first year and continue for up to 7 years. However, most boys will max out around 5 years of standing at stud. As you can imagine, his job is much simpler and requires less demands but it will last for more years.

We take care of all breeding, whelping, and raising of offspring, along with any costs incurred for breeding. Avery Lane Labradoodles will cover the cost of spay or neuter surgery once the dog’s breeding career ends. Guardians will pay for normal pet ownership costs such as: routine vet care, heart worm treatment, flea and tick treatment, premium dog food, dog training, pet supplies, and grooming.

What is the benefit to you?

  • You receive a “pick of the litter” puppy that we feel exceeds the Australian Labradoodle breed standards for a fraction of the pet puppy cost.
  • This puppy will be fully health tested at the expense of Avery Lane Labradoodles.
  • You will receive lifelong support from Avery Lane Labradoodles.

What is the benefit to Avery Lane Labradoodles?

  • Guardian homes act as “foster homes” until the terms of agreement are satisfied and then full ownership will be transferred to the guardian.
  • We do not believe in a kennel setting for dogs. Guardian homes give our breeding dogs the personalized love and care any dog deserves!
  • Guardian homes allow us to grow our program in the most responsible way.


Requirements of a guardian home include the following:

  • You must live within 1.5 hours of McKinney, TX. 
  • Your home must have a physical fence.
  • Dog must be an indoor dog and be provided plenty of opportunities for exercise and play.
  • Guardians must have reliable transportation and be willing to bring the dog to us or the vet at various times for breeding related appointments.
  • Guardians must be able to provide timely communication with me throughout the dog’s breeding career.
  • Guardians must tell me immediately when their female comes into heat.
  • Guardians must socialize their puppy and train or have someone else train their puppy to follow basic commands.
  • Guardians must maintain proper grooming in order to prevent the dog’s coat from becoming matted.
  • Guardians must let us know of a planned vacation prior to departure and must tell us where the dog will be housed while they’re gone.
  • The dog must never attend places such as dog parks where breeding accidents can happen.
  • Most importantly, Guardians must be able to provide a stable and loving home for this special pet.


If you think that becoming a guardian is right for you, please fill out our application!

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